Welcome to KT'sReMarks!

KTStewart CEO & Founder, Kirk Stewart

Hello and welcome to KT’sReMarks. 

This is a space where we will explore the relevant, timely topics of corporate communications. Every day, stories emerge that have profound communications implications. Here we will address those stories, along with trends in the industry and discussions of communications best practices. KTStewart Corporate Communications focuses on building, enhancing, and protecting our clients’ corporate brands and reputations and building greater competitive advantage. We want to help you Make Your Mark! 

KT’sReMarks will focus on four main topics:

Vision, mission, values: Can you have a winning brand, culture or a successful company without them?

Every successful company or organization has a clearly articulated and well understood vision of what it wants to become, a mission or reason for being and most importantly, a set of values that are the enduring truths for employees and what guides organizational behavior. On top of that they have strong brands that connect emotionally to their stakeholders.  The simpler, the more powerful. Without these north stars, organizations stand no chance of succeeding in today’s complex, highly competitive global marketplace.

Your stakeholder’s are awake 24/7/365. Are you?

At all hours of the day or night, stakeholders are actively engaged in conversations about a company or a brand. In an instant, they can mobilize at scale and positively or negatively impact reputations, sales and stock prices. Unless companies and brands are actively listening and engaging in these conversations, they run the risk of being blindsided and playing defense from the outset around an issue or crisis of global proportion.

Ideas that conquer: What makes a campaign truly resonate?

Every day, thousands of communications in support of products, companies, causes or social issues are launched with great fanfare. Yet very few ever really get noticed; change minds, lives, policies; or alter behaviors. What is about the few that do? Do they connect better emotionally? Are they built on a simple, elegant idea and powerful story? Do they leverage a key, new strategic stakeholder insight? Do they surprise, engage or even disrupt? Do they express an idea in a fresh, creative, visually arresting way? Do they use all available platforms in a completely integrated way? 

To retweet or not to retweet: What’s your responsibility?

Every minute of every day we are bombarded with content from thousands of sources, some more reliable and credible than others. The immediate temptation is to pass sensational content on to our networks. But what if the content isn’t entirely true or worse yet, completely fabricated? Our decisions to freely share unverified information can ruin corporate reputations and even personal lives. Content consumers now have greater responsibilities than content creators. Our decisions to share carry with them a responsibility to think before we retweet.

Wrapping Up

In KT’sReMarks we hope to provide topical analysis of the communications industry and corporate reputation. Please feel free to share and comment on our perspectives here! 

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